Paris in the Fall: The Food

Rodin Museum I have so many photos from the trip, but very few are of iconic images – I tried to look for the unusual and eye catching.  Or the occasional T-Rex. So the food. Much to tell. Most of it good. I loved how fresh everything was, milk, cheese, bread. Oh, the cheeses! Oh,…

Run Aground: Chapter One

I’m standing in the dark because this is embalming room number two at Butterfield Funeral Home and Crematory and if I turn on the light, what I will see is Mr. Frank Absom in all his glory laid out on table one. On table two, depending on who you believe, a Deputy U.S. Marshal who died in the line of duty or a dirty cop who got caught up in a gambling ring in the heart of Peoria, IL. He’s naked as the day he was born and since I almost went out on a date with him, I’d rather not see him in that condition.

Chapter One, Part 2

The only person I’ve confided in since Deputy US Marshal Fraser turned up dead, the only person who has seen me naked in almost a year, the only person I’ve wanted to see me naked in over a year, and the person who carries a badge and a big gun is also the only person who knew where I was headed

Chapter One, Part 3

We sat in my office, whispering and conspiring about the task ahead. He was close enough I could smell him and whatever he was wearing was intoxicating. I asked Deputy Fraser why in the world he would enlist my help, even while thinking I would be the best damn Girl Friday he’d ever seen if he’d just keep smiling at me with those deep blue eyes.

Chapter One, Part 4

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