Run Aground: A TJ Wilde Mystery, Book 1


A Sexy, Witty, Murderous Adventure

My life was not going as I had imagined. But I had a plan:

FIRST, in between being chased by Scary Dudes and frequently dodging bullets, I was determined to solve the murder of mysterious lawman, Mike Fraser. He died in my arms after involving me in a criminal investigation, so this was personal.

NEXT, I was going to get my Soon-To-Be-Ex to sign our divorce papers (a divorce he had insisted on, by the way). Then I would be free to take full advantage of the well-muscled U.S. Marshal that was now guarding my body, day and night.

FINALLY, I was going to find my dream job as far away from Peoria, IL and as close to an ocean as I could possibly get.

It was a simple plan. All I had to do was live long enough to implement it.

And I was definitely not going to fall in love with the sexy U.S. Marshal sitting at my kitchen table. Even if every cell in my body was saying he was too good to let go.

For TJ Wilde, it was difficult to tell who was more dangerous,

the men trying to kill her

or the man she was falling in love with…


I thought it would be fun to give you some background details on how Run Aground came to be. Photos, history and the art that inspired TJ’s first adventures.

Creating the cover was some of the most fun I had. That castle, btw, is a real place. It used to be owned by a friend of mine.

Check out the chapter excerpts and of course the book is available here in both Kindle and paperback

This was the home of Mrs. Sara Holman. She built it after her husband’s death. It is located on the corner of Roanoke and Columbia Terrace. Her husband had been a banker in Chillicothe.
This home is a Richardsonian Romanesque style she had built for $12,000 in 1895.

Here are some more images from the book:


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