Ducklings and Danes: Week 3

They are quickly (and everywhere) losing their downy yellow fluff. Their pin feathers aren’t quite filling in yet, so they have some bare pink spots all over.  Especially their wings.

They spend a great deal of time out of their crate now. They mostly sleep on their blanket, but they do wander into the kitchen for some cat grass now and then.  I expect they’ll become more mobile as curiosity takes precedence over growing.  Right now, growing requires lots of eating and sleeping.

They get upset if I’m not nearby…unless Bixby is, then they are quite chill.

Bixby brought them a bunch of toys their first day out and ever since, they seek out those toys to snuggle on, so I make sure to put them on their blankets. Sometimes Bixby will drop a new one on the blanket for them.

The other day, the ducklings were out and I was busy working. Suddenly all I hear are duck feet running and lots of squawking.

They had made their way to the bathroom and were making a ruckus at the bathtub.

To recap, three weeks old, they know the word bathtime, they know how to find the bathroom and they know how to get their point across. Give them another week, they’ll be running their own bath.

I have lost all control.

(Oh, please, warm weather hurry up, these guys need outside time!)

Early this week, I was in the office, editing “bathtime video”, where I say it’s bathtime to the ducklings. They heard this and came running down the hallway and into the bathroom.

I had no choice but to run a bath for them. LOL

“Is it ready yet?”

I included a long section of bathtime zen, but don’t miss the end with them running down the hall to greet Bixby after their bath.


By Annie DeMoranville

Author of the TJ Wilde Trilogy and the Jennifer Cozy Mysteries

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