Updates: Holidays, Duxbridge and Critters, Oh, My!

This post is a little longer than usual, but a lot to catch up on.

It’s been a rough year-ish. And while I’ve been busy with the Duxbridge Mysteries series, that was about all the writing I could manage. Posting new content here was minimal. I’m hoping to make up for that going forward, especially since the upcoming holidays are some of my favorites. Recipes galore.

Just got back from a great relaxing trip to Boston. Friends, family, and fall colors were just what was needed. A week away was a little stressful for both Trixie and Jasper, but they were in good hands, and Scout was super chill, so that helped them. And now that I’m back, they are all relaxing back into their routines.

The first book in the Duxbridge Mystery series is finishing up with the editor. I’m assuming publication date will be in time for the holidays. It’s taken longer than expected, mainly because there were weeks of not feeling up to writing. Daily life and my day job were about all I could tackle. But, as always, the characters won’t shut up, so I always return to it.

Duxbridge is a fictional town created by my writing partner and me. The first book is mine, about a cookbook author who becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a local celebrity chef. Besides showcasing the quirky residents in the sleepy town, it will also feature many recipes. We are now trying to figure out how to best include the recipes in the book.

The paperbacks will have the recipes in the back, the ebooks will have links. Trying to decide if they will link here or if we will add the recipes to the soon-to-be-launched Duxbridge website. No matter how they are presented, I will ensure each recipe is posted here.

My writing partner is working on her book, which will include knitting patterns, as this is her specialty. And her fictitious Duxbridge knitting group will be helping her main character solve the puzzle of who assaulted a local photographer.

There are three more books planned after that, but you’ll just have to wait for those reveals.

And for my TJ Wilde fans, and yes, I know you have been asking, and I’ve been hedging, but I have finally started to write actual chapters! The story has been percolating long enough that it feels ready to put to paper. So stay tuned for that.

Here are a few animal photos because I know I can’t get away with catching you up on them. As you can see, they’ve all recovered from my absence.

I think that catches you up. I’ll keep you updated on everything and start holiday recipes in the next week or so. Until then…

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By Annie DeMoranville

Author of the TJ Wilde Trilogy and the Jennifer Cozy Mysteries

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