My Life Is Weird

Had an interesting weekend.

You know…the ducks were one thing…but reptiles are a bridge too far.

Respite Open Thread: My Life Is Weird

I found this gal while gardening. She crawled right into my hand. Luckily I have a 13-yr old niece who is wild about reptiles (and has a bearded dragon). I texted her a photo, she told me it was a chameleon. Clearly well taken care of and very, very lost.

Respite Open Thread: My Life Is Weird 1

She is molting, so stress is probably not what it needs. For now, she’s in the bathroom in a plastic tote (probably the same one Penelope hung out in the kitchen) with some things to make it comfortable.

She’s sweet, but I know nothing about reptiles, except how to remove a snake from my hallway and escort it outside.

I canvassed the neighborhood, feeling stupid, asking anyone if they lost a chameleon. I put a notice on NextDoor, where someone kindly informed me that there is a CO Reptile Humane Society here in town. I contacted them and shortly afterward, this poor thing was in better hands than mine.

My life.  It is weird.

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Another Whodunit

My morning meeting asked to delay till afternoon, so I took advantage of the extra time to put a coat of paint on my dresser, then jump in the shower to scrub off the paint. When I came out, this is what I found:


It was almost dry, so the prints are very clear. I decided to leave them.  The dresser is almost 100 years old, with a not so great finish (did my best decades ago, but it was always so-so, which made paint the best solution this time), so two cute little pawprints seemed fitting.

But who did it? The cats were nowhere to be found and I needed to get to my meeting. I was sure there would be tell-tale prints on the floor leading to the culprit, but nope.

It would have to wait until I returned and I had to hope I wouldn’t be greeted with white pawprint all over the house.

Finally, after examining everyone’s paws, the culprit was found: