Another Whodunit

My morning meeting asked to delay till afternoon, so I took advantage of the extra time to put a coat of paint on my dresser, then jump in the shower to scrub off the paint. When I came out, this is what I found:


It was almost dry, so the prints are very clear. I decided to leave them.  The dresser is almost 100 years old, with a not so great finish (did my best decades ago, but it was always so-so, which made paint the best solution this time), so two cute little pawprints seemed fitting.

But who did it? The cats were nowhere to be found and I needed to get to my meeting. I was sure there would be tell-tale prints on the floor leading to the culprit, but nope.

It would have to wait until I returned and I had to hope I wouldn’t be greeted with white pawprint all over the house.

Finally, after examining everyone’s paws, the culprit was found:

Annie Short Stories: Not So Much A Whodunit, More Like A Shedunit





Her attorney says she was framed.



Making sure her job is done.

The full story:


I was sitting on the exercise ball that I use for my office chair. I was participating in a chat about my newest novel, Underway, and Emma Kate came in and was meowing at me. I ignored her. At my peril.

She reached up and stuck a claw into my exercise ball, and that’s all they wrote. LOL

Can’t be mad at her, she’s 17 years old and wants what she wants and usually gets what she wants.

New ball will be here on Thursday.

Meanwhile, she retreated to the bedroom to sulk because I yelled at her.

In my defense, one does tend to squeal when one is falling on one’s ass.