Instagram Short Stories: Beach Walk

I was walking along the beach when I looked up to see an old love running toward me.

I was jolted. I looked into his eyes, unbelieving.

He nodded a smile without any recognition.

I was not surprised.

Decades of life and thousands of miles separated us.

And while he was precisely where I thought he would be, I was two thousand miles from anywhere he expected me to be.

So I walked on as he ran on.


Instagram Short Stories: Recycled Beauty

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Beauty. I was walking through my day, marking my time in all the usual ways.
Then in one moment, I looked over, and everything changed. The ordinary became the extraordinary, the drab flashed and refuse became art.
Inevitably, it was fleeting. As a good steward of the planet, I recycled it.


Instagram Short Stories: A Little Coffee

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At the end of a crappy day, I needed a warm lift.
I set my little espresso machine to go and went to shed my work clothes for my comfy on-the-couch-clothes.
When I returned, there was no doubt who understood me, who knew what I needed to brighten my dreary day.
Not a bouquet of flowers. Not a cheery card.
No, it was a cup so pretty, I almost couldn’t drink it.

But of course, I did.