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A new job, a new home and a new outlook on life. But, of course, it could not be that easy.

 A cute loft with a great view would be enough to bring me back to Boston. But add in a great job with my best friend, an adorable lost kitten, and a neighborhood filled with art and artists, then there was no question I was right where I belonged.

Unfortunately, missing Cuban art, a vandalized gallery, and a gallerist who has simply vanished are making the return to my favorite city troublesome. Not to mention, someone keeps sneaking into my apartment. This was not the marvelous return I had envisioned.

Add to that, my sexy lawman, who is both persistent and much too far away. He definitely is not taking no for an answer.   


For TJ Wilde, moving back to Boston
felt like coming home,
but home was never this dangerous…


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Chapter Two, Part One HERE and Part Two HERE


Underway: Chapter Two, Part Two

Now Available!!

As promised, Chapter Two, Part Two. Chapter Two, Part One can be found here



Chapter Two, Part Two


If I stepped in and let the door close behind me, we’d be thrust into a total blackout. I stood fast until Mimi felt around and flipped on a switch that set a row of industrial pendant lights blinking on in sequence. We were in what appeared to be a storage room.

Easily the size of my apartment upstairs, it was stuffed floor to ceiling with…well, everything. Lamps, crates, settees, mirrors, rugs, boxes, chairs, tables, sculptures and more boxes were stacked feet deep and almost to the high ceiling. I was positive if we dug deep enough, we’d find the Ark of the Covenant.

“Wow,” was all I managed to say.  READ MORE

More photos from Boston:




Now Available!!

UNDERWAY Chapter One is here

To see how it all began, RUN AGROUND excerpts begin here.


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Underway Update and Chapter Two, Part One


Now Available!!

Underway is back to the editor and fingers-crossed, a publishing date of May 1 seems reasonable. My plan is to set these beloved characters aside for six months to a year while I finish up two other projects (first book in both the Jennifer McCaffrey series and Duxbrige series), and I’ve found it a bit difficult to finish up, because I do love them and will miss them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



Colby: So, how’s the new job, Kit-Kat?

The breeze coming off the harbor was crisp and fragrant. Rich with salt, decay, and memories. It was welcome, cutting through the unseasonable heat and humidity on this early fall day. Sitting on my favorite bench, on the edge of Long Wharf, looking out on Boston Harbor, I felt hopeful about the possibilities ahead of me.   READ MORE


 I’ve included some of my research photos from my last Boston trip: 



Chapter One excerpt is here.




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UNDERWAY Chapter One

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In Paperback and Kindle


Underway, the second book in the TJ Wilde trilogy is on track for publishing in the next month. Running through the final rewrites, but wanted to share the opening chapters to get everyone started. Here is chapter one:

Underway: A TJ Wilde Mystery

Read Chapter One Here


Colby: I’m not giving up on us. XO

I was wet and cold, and wondering what the hell I was going to do. I had no cell service, and no one knew where I was. Well, at least no one I would want to know. I could only hope the Mysterious Texter anonymously threatening me wasn’t waiting for me at the end of this. Luckily, the long, stone passageway, lit only by my cell phone flashlight, looked infinite, so if he were there, maybe he’d get tired of waiting and leave.

I moved cautiously, the ground was composed of uneven stone, and it was damp and slippery.  Read more…

Chapter two starts here.

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Novel Recipes: Italian Sausage and Grapes

So in Run Aground I had several recipes that I’ve linked to my recipe blog. I have continued the tradition with Underway.

First it was Tahini Walnut Rolls

Next up, Italian Sausage and Grapes:

It’s sounds unusual, but it has amazing flavor and so quick and easy to prepare.

The recipe is here.

Buon appetito!