Reviews and Prizes

Underway – expected June 2019
TJ arrives in Boston and is quickly involved in a missing persons/art theft mystery

A writer friend of mine shared some good information today and I wanted to share it here:

… if you read something and enjoy it, you give the author a big gift by reviewing the book on Amazon and/or Goodreads. The review can be very short (I enjoyed this book). It doesn’t have to 5 star. The issue is that Amazon uses the sheer number of reviews as part of its algorithm for which books to promote. Also some sites…require that a book have a certain number of reviews before you can promote on there.

I could use a few more reviews. Because, while I’ve heard from many of you (and even signed your books!) there are not many reviews on Amazon right now. And I know it can be a pain and you don’t know what to say, etc. I get it.

So, I’m going to offer a little incentive! Between now and January 31, 2019, anyone who leaves a review will be entered into a contest for the newest volume in the TJ Wilde Mysteries Trilogy – Underway. I will pick two winners at random (regardless of stars!). The winners will receive a signed copy of Underway.

And just to make things fair and equal – if you leave a comment here or on my Facebook page, under this post, between now and January 31, 2019 – you’ll be entered, too. And I’ll award a signed copy of your choice, Run Aground or Underway. Heck, you can even choose the first book in my Jennifer McCaffrey mystery series. More on that to come…

Now I have to get back to writing, or there won’t be any new books. I will try to post a new Instagram Short Story this weekend. It may be a little (real life) mystery, itself.

Oh, and that author, Dorothy A. Winsor, you can find her terrific YA books here.


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