Reviews and Prizes

Underway – expected June 2019
TJ arrives in Boston and is quickly involved in a missing persons/art theft mystery

A writer friend of mine shared some good information today and I wanted to share it here:

… if you read something and enjoy it, you give the author a big gift by reviewing the book on Amazon and/or Goodreads. The review can be very short (I enjoyed this book). It doesn’t have to 5 star. The issue is that Amazon uses the sheer number of reviews as part of its algorithm for which books to promote. Also some sites…require that a book have a certain number of reviews before you can promote on there.

I could use a few more reviews. Because, while I’ve heard from many of you (and even signed your books!) there are not many reviews on Amazon right now. And I know it can be a pain and you don’t know what to say, etc. I get it.

So, I’m going to offer a little incentive! Between now and January 31, 2019, anyone who leaves a review will be entered into a contest for the newest volume in the TJ Wilde Mysteries Trilogy – Underway. I will pick two winners at random (regardless of stars!). The winners will receive a signed copy of Underway.

And just to make things fair and equal – if you leave a comment here or on my Facebook page, under this post, between now and January 31, 2019 – you’ll be entered, too. And I’ll award a signed copy of your choice, Run Aground or Underway. Heck, you can even choose the first book in my Jennifer McCaffrey mystery series. More on that to come…

Now I have to get back to writing, or there won’t be any new books. I will try to post a new Instagram Short Story this weekend. It may be a little (real life) mystery, itself.

Oh, and that author, Dorothy A. Winsor, you can find her terrific YA books here.


By Annie DeMoranville

Author of the TJ Wilde Trilogy and the Jennifer Cozy Mysteries

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